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Daily activities can be difficult to manage. Especially if you are a family with many sports enthusiasts, you may have faced difficulties in organising life with all your little almost-pro players.

Certainly we have managed it so far, so what’s the problem?

The problem is not organising the activity itself, but the way they are being managed. Very often parents communicate in various fast messaging platforms or other forums in very unorganized manner.

Hey! Can someone take our…

This is the problem. The whole community is now looking at your line thinking about their own schedules, even if it is not even feasible for them help you.

Hi, I am available, where and when should we meet?

In reality, you may have seen several messages (not relevant for you) before the most important details. And remember, you are not alone. All parents may be involved in this group discussion.

Could this be avoided? How?

The tasks should be communicated directly.

Tiimio makes this possible. You simply make announcement on the dedicated team discussion group, and parents can communicate directly with you. With Tiimio, you can communicate all details without involving everyone else.

But it does not end there.

Tiimio Shop offers much more. Even non-registered users can benefit from the collection of selected information, including health, food, sports equipment, sustainable living, and much more.

For registered users, Tiimio-app offers a dedicated channel to donate or sell your excess sports gear. You can easily search for information in discussion groups and see the offers on the map.

As a sports team member, you can publish your events on a shared calendar and advertise it to all Tiimio users. Get even more people in your soccer match sausage line!

Sounds good! What’s the cost?

Tiimio is an effective communication channel for team sponsors as well, so you may want to utilize with your supporters. But to answer you question, Tiimio is free to download and register, and very inexpensive to use; after initial setup it’s starting at only 6€/user/year. Hey, it’s only 3 soccer match sausages!

What will I get for the price of three sausages?

Your team will get its own private space in the app, where you can set up your own communication channels. For example, you can have one space dedicated for practical matters, second for transportation and third one featuring a direct link to your teams management platform. All discussion groups feature push notifications to asigned members.

You can go ahead and test Tiimio in a browser by scanning the QR code or by clicking the links below.

If you are not convinced and would like to try first or if you otherwise have questions , drop us a line!

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Tiimio screenshots

First page, example team page and Tiimio Shop. With Tiimio, each team can create its own private page with custom buttons and look-and-feel.

Download Tiimio!

You can try Tiimio by scanning the QR-code with your mobile device, or you can download the app from App Store or Google Play Store.

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